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Why 24x7 Pathshala ?

Learn And Get Training From Experts

We have the technology and best study material available with courses designed and delivered by some of the best teachers in India. Our learning portal provides access to high quality education, which supports exiting classroom curriculum.

We give you more than anyone else

With the help of our international partners UK Skills Academy, we offer the best value added package. The skills which were only available in the elite schools are now available to our students. Join us today and take advantage of FREE counselling session with Yug from UK.

Learn Anytime & Anywhere

We cover all core subjects and recognise and understand that learning requirements for each child is unique. Our learning portal allows children to study at their own pace anywhere anytime; in their own style and helps support and reinforce essential skills.

Study with us online/offline

We look after our students by providing them not only online but also offline (1 to 1) education facilities too. If you are looking for a tutor, life coach or counselling then look no further, join us today and we will provide you with best of all.

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Our Teachers

We have very skilled and professionals for taking classes

Our Plans

    • Just choose the course and
    • view our FREE demonstration
    • video and class room lecture
  • Online Education With Internet Access
    • Online Education with internet access
    • You can study with us anywhere & anytime with an internet connection
  • Offline education with Pen Drive / USB Flash Drive / DVD
    • Offline Education with
    • Pen Drive/USB Flash Drive
    • DVD access, anywhere & anytime